Congratulations to Our 2020 Friend of Housing Awardees!

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission is excited to announce three Friend of Housing awardees for 2020. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these affordable-housing leaders! 


If you are a registered attendee of Housing Washington 2020, click on the link above to visit our Washington State Housing Finance Commission Exhibit Booth where you can share your congratulations with the winners by adding your kudos to their online cards!

friend of housing

The annual awards honor affordable housing champions and are presented to individuals, projects, or organizations who've made exceptional contributions to create or support affordable housing to low and moderate income residents of Washington state.

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Honoring someone who may not occupy a position high in profile or leadership, but whose efforts behind the scene have had a far-reaching impact.

Unsung Hero

Maria Jacinto

Downtown Emergency Service Center

For 20 years, Maria Jacinto has quietly coordinated, managed, scheduled, organized and supported in her work for Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) most notably working with the surrounding communities where DESC supportive housing is being built as well as managing large event such as the annual, interstate Housing First Partners Conference. Watch the video to learn more!

housing Development Consortium

The Housing Development Consortium was early to recognize the great need for advancing racial equity in affordable housing, and integrated the principles of racial equity into all their work with member organizations. Since 2013, HDC has devoted significant effort to providing housing organizations with the tools and resources to transform themselves and the industry. Watch the video to learn more!

Honoring initiatives that address, in a demonstrably effective way, systemic racism in the housing industry.

Racial Equity initiative

Lifetime achievement

Honoring individuals who over the course of their career have shown remarkable and sustained leadership and made an impactful contribution to affordable housing in Washington state.

Tom jacoBi


Tom Jacobi has not only built the capacity and accomplishments of his own organization, HomeSight, he has also brought other organizations together. The King County Homebuyer Readiness Collaborative and the statewide Washington Affordable Homeownership Coalition advocacy group are two examples of his leadership over his 29 years making homeownership possible for thousands of lower-income Washingtonians. Watch the video to learn more!

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