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2019 Friend of Housing Awards honor state’s housing champions

October 4, 2019 (SEATTLE) — The Washington State Housing Finance Commission has honored seven individuals and organizations as 2019 “Friends of Housing.”

The awardees from across the state ensure affordable homes and support services for thousands of Washington residents. They also work toward funding, policies and programs to ensure affordable housing into the future.

“We are proud to honor those who have dedicated their careers to creating and preserving affordable homes for everyone,” said Karen Miller, chair of the Housing Finance Commission. “This year’s awardees are truly inspiring.”

The awards were presented October 1 in a ceremony at the annual Housing Washington conference in Spokane. Read the full press release.

L-R: Julie Honekamp, Fallon Santoro (daughter of Chris Santoro), Rob Van Tassell, Charlette Riley (Bremerton Housing Authority), Nathan Gorton, Carol Zborowski (Bremerton Housing Authority), Sam Green of ROC Northwest, Sara Van Cleeve (Bremerton Housing Authority). Not pictured: Estela Ortega. Photo: Brianne Smith. Individual photos available.

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