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Henry Cisneros Speaks Out on Inequality Crisis

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Housing Washington 2018 closing speaker, Henry Cisneros, made news June 11th of this year speaking out about inequality and the hope for affordable housing. This former HUD Secretary and San Antonio Mayor spoke out on a driving tour of San Antonio saying to reporter April Molina, "If you don't have a decent place to live then most of the rest of your life is gonna be dysfunctional."

He goes on to say, "Three fourths of the people in this country who are eligible for subsidized housing don't access it or can't use it because there isn't enough," Cisneros said. "We have only enough for a quarter."

On October 4, 2018, attendees at Housing Washington 2018 will hear from him first hand regarding his views on affordable housing today and the crisis Americans, and Washingtonians in particular, are facing.

“At Housing Washington, our goal is to bring in the experts, especially those who shaped where past housing policy, so they can offer insight and perspective,” says Kim Herman, executive director, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, the lead organization in sponsoring Housing Washington. “I know Henry and know that he served at HUD during a critical time and made a significant and positive difference. I am eager, as I hope all of our attendees are, to hear her perspective on today’s challenge in affordable housing.”

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