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Pre-conference Virtual Events

Sept 15 Session


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

Virtual Lunch with Housing Washington I

Addressing Race and Gender Inequities at the Root of Housing Injustice

Keynoter: Rasheedah Phillips, Policy Link

Description: More than fifty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968’s prohibition against housing discrimination, we find that exploitive real estate practices and the inequities that flow from them are not merely artifacts of history. Instead, these inequitable practices, particularly in the rental context, continue to show up in any number of permutations. She will discuss her work that saw continued impact of structural housing injustice on low-income tenants. She will discuss three broad categories of intervention that state and cities have taken to limit access to eviction records, which follow renters for much of their life.

Sept 21 Session


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

Virtual Lunch with Housing Washington II

The Future is Electric

Keynoter: Dr. Leah Stokes, Anton Vonk Associate Professor, US Santa Barbara

Description: Award-winning author and UCSB professor Leah Stokes explains why cleaning up the electricity sector (and advancing electrification) is so vital to preventing the worst effects of climate change and its impact on the affordable housing industry.

Sept 28 Session


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

Virtual Lunch with Housing Washington III

State of the Nation’s Housing

Keynoter: Chris Herbert, Managing Director, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies

Description: US housing markets continue to cool as higher costs weigh on both homeowners and renters. On the for-sale side, home sales and construction levels have declined while rental markets are experiencing sharply reduced rent growth and rising vacancy rates. Nevertheless, home prices and rents remain elevated from pre-pandemic levels, leaving millions —including a disproportionate share of people of color—struggling with housing cost burdens, priced out of homeownership, or without shelter at all. Beyond the challenge of affordability, public and private investments are needed to mitigate the risks to the US housing stock posed by climate change, and to expand options for older adults to age safely and successfully in their communities.


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

Virtual Lunch with Housing Washington IV

What the H**l is going on in Washington?

Keynoter: David Bradley, National Community Action Foundation

Description: Our frequent guest and friend David Bradley will bring us up to date on what's going on in Congress in Washington in these confusing and chaotic times. David will discuss the outlook and most importantly his prediction on how the funding crisis is solved, the impact of the upcoming 2024 elections and how both parties are positioning themselves for the legislative battle ahead. His previous election predictions have proved uncannily accurate and we look forward to his insight into all the legislative wheeling-and-dealing and the politics that are consuming Washington.

Sept 29 Session
Oct 3 Sessions


In-Person Events at Tacoma Convention Center

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM  |  LEARNING LABS



Learning Lab 1 Everything, Everywhere, All the Time

Presenters: Marisol Bello, Housing Narrative Lab; Edie Irons, All Home California

Description: To move policy, we need to move people. A housing narrative builds support for the solutions that ensure everyone has a safe, stable, and affordable place to live. This learning lab will show you how to shape narratives that build support for solutions. Participants will be taken through a 360-degree view needed to make real narrative change in mass movements, mass culture, and mass media.

home dev.png


Learning Lab 2 Black Housing Initiatives (BHI)

Presenters: Nicole Bascomb, Umpqua Bank and Bascomb Real Estate Group; Frank Chopp, State House of Representatives; Gregory Davis, Rainier Beach Action Coalition; Marty Kooistra, Civic Commons; Black Home Initiative; Patience Malaba, HDC; Denise Rodriguez, Washington Homeownership Resource Center; Darryl Smith, HomeSight of Washington; Jamila Taylor, State House of Representatives 

Description: Participants will be able to: articulate the direction and shared priority of BHI and its use of an impact network strategy; consider ways in which elements of BHI or its entirety could be implemented in their part of the state; engage with innovative strategies and tactics to increase the supply of affordable homes to purchase; evaluate new approaches to outreach to potential LMI homebuyers and support them on their respective and unique journeys relationally and contribute to a robust discussion on the next phase of policy work that can be undertaken at the state level while learning about local and regional policy initiatives they can undertake in their market

multi manage.png


Learning Lab 3 Part A — AIT Compliance & Best Practices + Part B — Managing a Major Long-Term Rehab with URM Case Study

Presenters: Thomas Stagg (Part A & B), Lisa Hagan & Thea Munchel  (Part B)

Description: Part A: The Average Income Test (AIT) is the newest Federal Election option but, is it the best choice to help a property fulfill its purpose? Discover the latest rule changes in Washington and learn about the additional steps required to monitor compliance and how AIT is being used around the country.

Part B: What are the rules & best practices when a property needs a major rehab? How do you handle compliance issues & resident relocation while the work is being done? What separates a capital project from a major rehab and what funding opportunities are available to support them?  Includes Case Study: Community Roots Housing Unreinforced Masonry (URM) Building retrofits to meet local regulations.

multi dev.png


Learning Lab 4 Housing 101

Presenter: Michelle Morlan

Description: A developer’s perspective on the process, financing, and basic principles of creating affordable housing in Washington. Whether you are brand new to the field or need to re-visit some of the many facets of the industry, you will find something of value in this interactive conversation. What is LIHTC? Why doesn’t this work without public subsidy? Where does the money come from? These are just a few of the many questions we tackle together in this session.

5:00 PM – 7:30 PM 

Welcome Reception and Celebration

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Oct 4 Serssions


7:30 AM

REGISTRATION OPENS (Open all Day) with BREAKFAST BUFFET among Exhibits

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Opening Keynote

Welcome and Remarks: The Honorable Jay Inslee

The Color of Law; History of Racism in Housing

Keynoter: Leah Rothstein, Author

Hear from the co-author of the groundbreaking book outlining the history of systemic racism in America, Leah Rothstein. The book documents the history of state sponsored segregation stretching back to the late 1800s and exposes racially discriminatory policies put forward by most presidential administrations in that time, including liberal presidents like Franklin Roosevelt. In her new book, Just Action; How to Challenge Segregation enacted Under The Color of Law, she expands upon her earlier findings to create a blueprint for concerned citizens and community leaders.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM   |  TRACK SESSIONS



Session 1 Housing Justice Narrative

Presenters: Marisol Bello, Housing Narrative Lab; Michael Anderson, Community Change

Description: Expand your ability to speak to a base of individuals most aligned with housing justice—the anti-racist and persuadable base—in ways which are authentic and that they can hear. The advice grounds the core truth of housing justice. It guards against the distraction of the opposition by offering opportunities for us to avoid the pitfalls of repeating the same stories we have been told, or that we continue to tell, that haven’t moved us towards housing for all.

home dev.png


Session 2 Get Offers Accepted & Deals Closed

Presenters: Brooke Gibson, HomeSight; Sandi Milohov, Guild Mortgage; Trevor Roberge, Capstone Home Loans; Dietrich Schmitz, Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

Description: Premier Partners panel discussion on benefits of using downpayment assistance programs. Utilizing effective negotiation strategies, persuasive communication techniques and other tips and tricks to get your downpayment assistance offers accepted and deals closed.  Find the customers you missed with this deep dive into the programs that are available around the state!

multi manage.png


Session 3 Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law

Presenter: Leah Rothstein, Author of The Color of Law and Just Action

Description: Learn how to take action through the work of Leah and her co-author Richard Rothstein. This session will take a deeper dive into the blueprint for action laid out in the book, providing leaders with actionable steps to end the practice of systemic racism and reverse its negative impact on people of color.

multi dev.png


Session 4 Energy Incentives & the 2021 State Energy Code

Presenters: Max Benson, Community Frameworks; Erika Coveny, Washington State University Energy Program; David Reddy, O’Brien360; Emily Salzberg, State Department of Commerce Energy Division.

Description: Gain insights to and overview of the new energy code and how it will affect affordable housing. Learn about new federal and state energy incentives and how to successfully deploy them.

other dev-grn.png


Session 5 Planning for More Affordable Housing

Presenters: Laura Hodgson, State Department of Commerce; Ted Richardson, City of Tacoma; Joyce Phillips, City of Olympia; Alex Hunt, City of Burien

Description: Planning for the state’s lower income housing needs requires the use of a variety of planning tools and innovation.  Learn how the requirements to plan for these lower income housing needs has changed, planning tools available to jurisdictions to accommodate these needs, and hear how several jurisdictions are using a variety of planning tools to plan for and accommodate their housing needs.  

11:15 AM – 12:15 AM  |  TRACK SESSIONS



Session 6 Making Our Voices Heard: Tips and Tools for Affordable Housing Advocacy

Presenter: Brooke Schipporeit, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Description: This workshop will discuss strategies for building coalitions and how to effectively engage with federal, state, and local elected officials to advocate for affordable housing. Participants will learn how to combine data and storytelling to convey a message that sticks with policymakers. The workshop will include an overview of NLIHC's key housing data and how to effectively harness this data to make the case for housing investments. The presentation will also include an update about the state of housing policy on Capitol Hill and how to plug into ongoing federal advocacy efforts.

other dev-grn.png


Session 7 2023 Housing Legislative Update & Middle Housing

Presenters: Elliott Barnett, City of Tacoma; Kevin Freibott, City of Spokane; Anne Fritzel, State Department of Commerce; Dave Osaki, State Department of Commerce

Description: Explore efforts for planning for housing at the lowest income segments and how do we collectively as Washingtonians do that. Projected housing needs for the state show that more than half of our housing needs over the next twenty years are for housing below 50% AMI. To accomplish that goal, the state needs to start using every lever possible to meet that need. 

multi manage.png


Session 8 Stabilizing the Affordable Housing Portfolio: Tenants and Buildings

Presenters: Alison Dean, HNN Communities; Samya Lutz, City of Bellingham; Edmund Witter, Housing Justice Project

Description: Did someone say rent stabilization?  Join our panel of housing partners from different sides of the table, who are exploring how to balance stabilizing affordable housing residents while also ensuring the buildings within which they live remain physically and financially healthy.

multi dev.png


Session 9 Expanding Access to Capital for More Diverse and Community-Led Development

Moderator: Keri Williams, Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Presenters: AJ Cari, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC); Jamie Lee, Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda); Bilan Aden, African Community and Housing Development; Giulia Pasciuto, City of Seattle Equitable Development Initiative; Leslie Byrd, Alpha Sharp Development Partners

Description: Building capacity in our community based developers creates a more diverse and representative housing network and industry. It builds affordable housing in a way that is centered around community needs and ultimately builds wealth in our black and brown communities. We’ll have a conversation of what the barriers are, what the successes are and how we can be supportive of community-led development. 

home dev.png


Session 10 Homeownership; Advocacy Strategies for Key Funding

Presenters: Michone Preston, Habitat for Humanity; Noel Frame, Washington Senate; Jacob Gonzales, City of Pasco; Erika Malone, City of Seattle; Hamdi Mohamed, HUD Washington State Field Office.

Description: Connect with professionals who have held dual roles — both as funding seekers and funding administrators on the local, state, and regional/federal levels.  This panel will focus on broad strategies for success, not specific funding sources.

12:15 PM – 1:30 PM

Luncheon Keynote & Networking Lunch

Preservation: the New Old Threat to Affordable Housing

Keynoter: Priya Jayachandran, National Housing Trust

Description: Join to hear a discussion of the challenges and solutions for housing supply through preservation.

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM

DESSERT with Exhibitors

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM  |  LOBBY TALK

Lobby Talk Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB) 2023-2028 Housing Advisory Plan

Moderator: Paul Trautman, Spokane Housing Authority

Presenter: Kevin Ramsey, Berk Consulting

Description: Join us for an overview of the state Affordable Housing Advisory Board’s (AHAB) upcoming 5-Year Housing Advisory Plan. The presentation will highlight housing market trends, state and county progress reports on meeting housing needs, barriers to affordable housing production, and recommendations for state actions to address housing needs.

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM  |  TRACK SESSIONS



Session 11 Share Your Expertise to Shape Local Comprehensive Plans

Presenters: Laura Hodgson, State Department of Commerce;  Jason Gauthier, South Sound Housing Affordability Partners (SSHA3P); Tiffany Speir, City of Lakewood

Description: Over the next few years, jurisdictions across the state will be updating their 20-year comprehensive plans and regulations to plan for their future housing needs. With significant updates to the requirements for planning and a clear understanding of our housing needs, this is the opportunity to influence these plans that set the framework for zoning, regulations, fees and programs, and infrastructure investments. Learn how you can influence this planning work to encourage development of the housing we need.

home dev.png


Session 12 Those Darn DPAs!

Presenter: Angel Romero, Down Payment Resource

Description: Down payment programs are alive and well, and demand for them is at a record high. So, why do so many loan officers and real estate agents still balk at taking advantage of these opportunities for their buyers? Join us as we take a look at some common obstacles — real or perceived — and how to overcome them.


multi manage.png


Session 13 What Dev Teams Can Learn from Asset & Property Managers

Presenters: Holly Anderson, Catholic Charities Serving Central Washington; Michelle Hawley, Bellwether Housing; Dan Landes, King County Housing Authority

Description: Bring your clever Development Team, Asset Managers & Property Managers to be part of a feast of ideas with our panel of pros. We will uncover how to build new or rehab properties better by listening to each other.

multi dev.png


Session 14 Health and Housing

Presenters: Tracy Kaufmann, NCSHA; Melodie Pazolt, State Department of Commerce; Lisa Vatske, Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Description: Several factors shape our health. Housing is one of those factors, that are now commonly referred to as social determinants of health. Come learn about efforts happening in WA and across the Country to bring the healthcare and housing systems together, in service of supporting residents to thrive.

other dev-grn.png


Session 15 Homelessness is Solvable

Presenter: Rian Watt, Community Solutions

Description: Rian will share some lessons from the Built for Zero movement, which has helped 17 communities in the United States and Canada reach functional zero homelessness, and reflect on the prospects for ending homelessness in large cities in the US, including Seattle, through the lens of housing abundance.

3:45 PM – 4:45 PM  |  TRACK SESSIONS



Session 16 How Nonprofits Use ChatGPT to Write Smarter

Presenters: Cheryl Engstrom, Bellevue College Digital Marketing; Anna Porkalob, Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Description: Business, governments, and nonprofits are all grasping with how to integrate this exciting new writing tool, ChatGPT, to make their teams more productive. Learn how ChatGPT can take the hard work of creating that first draft and turning it into quick and editable content, leaving more time for advocacy, rather than writing. It all begins with understanding how to provide the tool with the proper information to get the results you want.

home dev.png


Session 17 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with Realtors and WMBA

Presenters: Deborah Blom, Windermere Northwest Living; Mary Hull-Drury, Washington Realtor; John Smith, WSECU

Description: Washington REALTORS® and the Washington Mortgage Banker Association are dedicated to the work of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in real estate. Like many states, Washington must reconcile a history of unfair housing practices, including redlining and unfair lending practices that left many people of color unable to access the dream of homeownership. Learn from this panel how this critical issue is being addressed.

multi manage.png


Session 18 Meet Your Funders         Prepare for Changes       Avoid Noncompliance

Presenters: Lacey Barker, Seattle Office of Housing; TyeRae Guined, State Department of Commerce; Eileen Hearty, HUD; Carlita Mendez, CMS Bremerton; Melissa Ciliento, USDA Rural Development

Description: Change will impact your multifamily staff, funders, and regulations. Funders will share how properties & organizations can prepare for changes like new inspection standards, HOTMA and more. Do not miss Funder Top Tips for avoiding noncompliance, discussed with local funders.

multi dev.png


Session 19 Policies Resolutions and RFPs for Surplus Lands

Presenters: Karen Bunce, State Department of Natural Resources; Steve Butler, Municipal Research and Service Center; Thatcher Imboden, Sound Transit

Description: Learn how local government and special purpose agencies can surplus land for the development of affordable housing through real examples from Washington cities and rural communities.

other dev-grn.png


Session 20 Tackling Increased Insurance Costs for Housing Providers

Moderator: Patience Malaba, Housing Development Consortium

Presenters: John Policar, Sprague Israel Giles, Inc; Maiko Winkler, Chin-Office of Housing; Jeanne Le Duc, Catholic Community Services Western Washington, Becky Bicknell, Walsh Construction; State Representative Emily Alvarado

Description: The substantial and unsustainable increases in insurance premiums are presenting a critical challenge to affordable housing providers. These escalations have the potential to severely hinder the industry's capacity to create and maintain affordable housing options. In light of these concerns, the Housing Development Consortium is organizing this dedicated session to bring together a panel of experienced brokers and risk management specialists to engage in a comprehensive discussion on the challenges and strategies related to managing insurance costs and enhancing availability. Our speakers will include John Policar-Sprague Israel Giles, Inc, Maiko Winkler Chin-Office of Housing, Jeanne Le Duc-Catholic Community Services Western Washington, Becky Bicknell-Walsh Construction and Rep Emily Alvarado. Patience Malaba, HDC’s Executive Director, will serve as the moderator for this discussion. Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and impactful discussion as we work together to find sustainable solutions for affordable housing insurance!

5:00 PM – 8:30 PM 

Friend of Housing Awards Ceremony

Presented by The Washington State Housing Finance Commission

​Friend of Housing Awards After Party

Sponsored by Black Home Initiative & Umpqua Bank


Black Home Initiative.png
Umpqua Bank 2.png
Oct 5 Sessions


7:00 AM – 8:30 AM


8:00 AM – 9:15 AM  |  TECH HOUR

Tech Hour I Understanding and Using AI as a Tool for Advancing Affordable Housing

Presenter: Nia Duggins, Sr. Policy Representative, National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Description: The session will provide attendees with a basic overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and will explore how AI can be used to help various real estate industry stakeholders and leaders advance affordable housing and be used to help solve for current housing challenges.


Tech Hour II Using Social Media for Advocacy

Presenter: Amy Clark, RALLY

Description: Open access and ease of connecting with policy makers and others in power makes social media an advocate’s best tool– but it takes thoughtful strategy to build a following and move them from inactive to engaged. Leveraging examples from We Are In, the movement to prevent and end homelessness in King County, and Begins with Home, a Northern California narrative change campaign, and more, you’ll learn best practices for identifying and understanding your audiences, reaching them on their preferred platforms with organic and paid posts, using video, and leveraging coalition power to reach your advocacy targets. We’ll also take some time to talk over how to navigate the social media platform chaos of the day.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Opening Plenary

Votes Matter: Lifting Up Communities Often Left Out of Politics

Keynoter: Steven Olikara, Founder and former CEO, the Millennial Action Project (MAP)

Description:  Every vote counts. Learn now the work of MAP, a multi-million dollar national organization launched a decade ago to train young, elected officials at the state and congressional level, built diverse coalitions for real change. MAP's coalitions have passed legislation that lifts up communities often left out of politics — from voting and criminal justice reforms to entrepreneurship and clean energy.

10:45 – 11:45 AM  |  TRACK SESSIONS



Session 21 State Legislative Roundtable

Moderator: Rachael Meyers, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Presenters: Representative Nicole Macri, 43rd Legislative district, Vice Chair of House Appropriations Committee; Representative Emily Alvarado, 34th Legislative District, Vice Chair of House Housing Committee, Vice Chair of Local Government Committee and member of Capital Budget Committee; Senator Patty Kuderer, 48th Legislative District, Chair of Senate Housing Committee; Senator Yasmin Trudeau, 27th Legislative District, Vice Chair over Senate Capital Budget

Description: The last state legislative session saw the continuation of significant budget investments to build subsidized, affordable homes but missed important opportunities to create permanent funding for the Housing Trust Fund and to address a root cause of homelessness by protecting tenants from excessive rent increases. Join Housing Alliance Executive Director, Rachael Myers, and key state lawmakers for a virtual roundtable discussion about what to expect in 2024 and how stakeholders can advance solutions to end our state’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

multi manage.png


Session 22 Managing the Dream: Pros Share How to Deal with Site Management Issues & Paperwork

Presenters: Sidonie Harkness, Portfolio Manager, Bellwether Housing; Jody Hunter, Director of Compliance, HNN Communities; Suzanne Koval, GMD Development

Description: Savvy management professionals share strategies to help your property and team consistently achieve affordable housing, mission & bottom-line goals during painful times of staffing, maintenance, insurance, resident, and paperwork challenges.

other dev-grn.png


Session 23 Turning up the Volume: IDD Advocacy wins and the Road Ahead

Presenters: Marc Cole, Parkview Services; Stacy Dym, The Arc of Washington State; Sheng Fang, State Developmental Disabilities Administration; Nathan Lichti, State Department of Commerce

Description: Coalitions in Oregon and Washington are working to ensure that the voices of the IDD community are heard and represented. The 2022 and 2023 legislative sessions in Washington resulted in numerous wins for the IDD community. In Oregon, coalition members are working to advocate inclusion in the numerous housing related bills in the 2023 legislative session. Hear from leaders in the movement and how they prompted action in Olympia and Salem and worked to dispel myths about the IDD community through advocacy.

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Closing Lunch & Keynote

The Fight for Racial Justice; We Must Face the Past to Forge a Better Future

Presenter: Jelani Cobb, Dean, Columbia Journalism, Columbia University

Description: Join the final keynoter for an inspiring and dynamic presentation. Against the backdrop of a pandemic that disproportionately affects Black people, and a renewed push for racial justice, historian and Peabody Award-winning journalist Jelani Cobb emerges as a clear voice in the fight for a better America. PBS Frontline correspondent for two critically acclaimed documentaries—Policing the Police and Whose Vote Counts—Cobb explores the enormous complexities of race and inequality, while offering guidance and hope for the future. A long-time writer for The New Yorker, and editor of its recent anthology collection The Matter of Black Lives, Cobb’s work is described as having the “rigor and depth of a professional historian with the alertness of a reporter, the liberal passion of an engaged public intellectual, and the literary flair of a fine writer.”

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