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Virtual Lunch I

Addressing Race and Gender Inequities at the Root of Housing Injustice

Virtual Lunch II

The Future is Electric

Virtual Lunch III

State of the Nation’s Housing

Virtual Lunch IV

State of the Nation’s Lawmakers; Navigating the Maze


Housing Washington 2023 Conference Evaluation


Learning Lab I

Everything, Everywhere, All the Time

Learning Lab II

Black Home Initiatives (BHI)

Learning Lab III

Part A — AIT Compliance & Best Practices + Part B — Managing a Major Long-Term Rehab with URM Case Study

Learning Lab IV

Housing 101



The Color of Law; History of Racism in Housing

Multifamily Management Track - 
Session 3

Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law

Advocacy Track - 
Session 6

Making Our Voices Heard: Tips and Tools for Affordable Housing Advocacy

Multifamily Development Track - 
Session 9

Expanding Access to Capital for More Diverse and Community-Led Development


Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB) 2023-2028 Housing Advisory Plan

Multifamily Management Track - 
Session 13

What Dev Teams Can Learn from Asset & Property Managers

Advocacy Track - 
Session 16

How Nonprofits Use ChatGPT to Write Smarter

Multifamily Development Track - 
Session 19

Policies Resolutions and RFPs for Surplus Lands

Advocacy Track –
Session 1

 Housing Justice Narrative

Multifamily Development Track - 
Session 4

Energy Incentives & the 2021 State Energy Code

General Track - 
Session 7

2023 Housing Legislative Update & Middle Housing

Homeownership Track - 
Session 10

Homeownership; Advocacy Strategies for Key Funding

Advocacy Track - 
Session 11

Share Your Expertise to Shape Local Comprehensive Plans

Multifamily Development Track - 
Session 14

Health and Housing

Homeownership Track - 
Session 17

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with Realtors and WMBA

General Track -
Session 20

Tackling Increased Insurance Costs for Housing Providers

Homeownership Track -
Session 2

Get Offers Accepted & Deals Closed

General Track -
Session 5

Planning for More Affordable Housing

Multifamily Management Track - 
Session 8

Stabilizing the Affordable Housing Portfolio: Tenants and Buildings


Preservation: the New Old Threat to Affordable Housing

Homeownership Track - 
Session 12

Those Darn DPAs!

General Track - 
Session 15

Homelessness is Solvable

Multifamily Management Track - 
Session 18

Meet Your Funders, Prepare for Changes, Avoid Noncompliance


Tech Hour I

Understanding and Using AI as a Tool for Advancing Affordable Housing

Advocacy Track - 
Session 21

State Legislative Roundtable

Closing Keynote

The Fight for Racial Justice; We Must Face the Past to Forge a Better Future

Tech Hour II

Using Social Media for Advocacy

Multifamily Management Track - 
Session 22

Managing the Dream: Pros Share How to Deal with Site Management Issues & Paperwork

Morning Keynote

Votes Matter: Lifting Up Communities Often Left Out of Politics

General Track -
Session 23

Turning up the Volume: IDD Advocacy wins and the Road Ahead

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